Opening Day

September 9 Buy Tickets

All Season Access

The Lowdown on Season Passes

Your Season Pass grants you unlimited access to our Activities area everyday* during our fall season!

  • September 9th – October 31st
  • Monday - Friday  9am-6pm
  • Saturday - Sunday is 10am-6pm


When can I Purchase a Season Pass?

Early Bird Season Passes are available for purchase in person at the Sweet Corn Blues Festival Uptown Normal at the Rader Family Farm's booth August 27-28 at discounted rates. Early Bird Season Passes are also available for purchase at the farm during the Season Pass Pre-Sale Stay, Play & Eat Event on September 9 between 4-7pm at the discounted rates (listed below). Regular Priced Season Passes will be sold at the farm during regular business hours from the admission booth September 10th through September 25 ONLY.  (cash or credit for purchases at all locations). Please have your party with you when purchasing the pass to get their photos.

How does the Season Pass work?

  • When you purchase your Early or Regular Season Pass, you will fill out a simple form with your contact information and the names of those persons included on your pass. Each person on your pass will have their photo taken (on the spot!) and it will be added to our online system.  Please have your party with you when purchasing the pass. Credit or Cash accepted.
  • Because we like to know when you’ve come to see us, we will give you a new season pass wristband with each visit.  When you arrive, stop by the admission booth during the week or weekend, bypass the lines and come to the side “Season Pass Check-In” Window (with all of your family members). Each pass holder must be present to obtain wristbands. We will document your visit and give you the wristband(s) for that day after verifying your picture.
  • Put on your special Season Pass wristband, and you are free to roam the activity area for the rest of the day!


To keep the cost of your Season Pass low…

  • It does NOT include access to our Giant Corn Maze, but the Kids Maze is included
  • It does NOT include admission to special events such as Birthday Parties, Corporate or Group Events, or Flashlight Mazes.
  • It is NOT part of any special "buy-one-get-one admission" type specials
  • It does NOT include admission to field trips. Field trips are a special guided tour and tram ride, parents and guests are $4 each.
  • It does NOT include apple slingshots, apple cannons, or any occasional third party offers such as face painting or pony rides.


Even if you are feeling generous

Season Passes are not for sharing.  They are only valid for the person whose name is on the pass and on our master list. You may be asked for ID during any visit., and your photo will always be verified.  Again, each pass holder must be present to obtain their daily pass wristbands. Please remember, do not bring a friend in place of your family member on your pass. Your guest needs to purchase a day pass. If season passes are not abused, we hope to continue to offer them in the future.

What if the farm is closed some days due to weather?

As much as we really don't want to have to close, at times the farm may have to be closed due to wet or poor weather conditions.  As you already know, this is completely out of our control.  There are  no refunds offered for un-favorable weather or for any other reasons. We will post here on the website and on our Facebook page if the farm is unexpectedly closed for the day.

We do not share your personal information with anyone, nor do we even know how to!  We may periodically email or mail you in the future to let you know about upcoming special offers or events.

Who is considered within a "Family"?

Family passes are intended for immediate family members only.  Generally it is for a Total of 4 People; Two Parents and Two Children, or One Parent and Three Children etc. If there is additional children, each child can be added to a Family pass for an additional fee.  It is not intended for Grandparents, Nieces, Nephews, Cousins, Babysitters etc. to be on the same Family Pass.  Babysitters/Nannies should have an Individual Pass.  The parent does not need to be present, if one of the children on the Season Pass visits the farm with another family or friends. Photos will be verified.

What are the Daily Activity Admission Prices?

Age 3 - 64:  Monday - Friday $8.00, Saturday - Sunday $10.00

Remember: Each person on the season pass will have their photo taken, so please bring your party when purchasing.

2017 Regular Season Pass Prices

  • Individual: $35
  • Two Persons: $66
  • Three Persons: $94
  • Four Persons: $119
  • Each Additional Child: +$25
  • Senior (65yrs+): $21

Early Bird Season Pass Prices

  • Individual: $33
  • Two Persons: $60
  • Three Persons: $88
  • Four Persons: $111
  • Additional Child: +$24

Early Bird Season Passes are the BEST VALUE available! Don't miss out!

Season Passe are only available to Purchase until Sunday September 24, 2016  

Please help us keep it fair for everyone,  and we look forward to seeing you at the Farm!