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Get Lost...in Our Mazes

Rader Family Farms was proud to partner with Beck's Hybrids and Precision Planting in 2016 to design and grow another challenging, bigger corn maze.

Beck's Hybrids is the largest family-owned, retail seed company in the United States. More importantly, Beck's is committed to honor God, by maintaining their relationships with integrity and honesty in all they do.

Two boys entering mazeWe planted Beck's Hybrids seed corn in late May using our partner, Precision Planting's, impressive prescription planting technology. We also added four bridges that allow you to climb up and adjust your internal GPS or just enjoy a spectacular view of the maze.

Almost 20 acres of corn to get lost in, but don't worry, we take down your name and notify the authorities if you're not out by closing time :)  You can choose 1 or 2 phases of the maze to complete, using the aerial guide map we provide.

Our 2017 maze design will be revealed in late June

Mazes of the Past

It's always fun to see how the maze has changed over the years. We strive to keep our tillable ground healthy and producing at peak yields and that requires crop rotation. But that can be challenging when the maze acres are surrounded by the other parts of the farm. We hope you enjoy some of these historical maze photos.


2016 Rader Family Farms Corn Maze


2015 Rader Family Farms Corn Maze


2014 Rader Family Farms Corn Maze


2009 Rader Family Farms Corn Maze


2012 Rader Family Farms Corn Maze


2011 Rader Family Farms Corn Maze


2009 Rader Family Farms Maze